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“Do not call us a sponsor” – our experience at Berlin’s WOC

Following the end of the Berlin World of Coffee and round of coffee competitions, we can only express our satisfaction for the success of this event!

A Formula 1-level service

Four world competitions crowned as many champions at the Berlin World of Coffee. The stars of this competition were many professionals, each representing their Country, who crossed swords using our Café Racer machines at the Latte Art and Coffee In Good Spirits competitions. 

Our involvement went well beyond supplying the machines; we also took care of on-stage and backstage service for the entire competitions. Between one competitor and the following, members of our S.W.A.T. (Sanremo World Academy Team) took over to prepare the machine for the following competitor. Their quickness and teamwork were the pride of the entire team and really made a difference for the participants, who were assisted all along the event and were never left alone, not even for a second.

A great team, made up of award-winning baristas, technicians with decades of experience, coffee roasters and Sanremo distributors ceaselessly serviced the many machines provides, 3 on the stage, 3 in the bar area and 3 in the backstage for practice.

In his final words, Andrew Tucker, General Manager of Sanremo UK expressed his satisfaction and, on behalf of Carlo and Federico De Sordi, confirmed the excitement for an event that, between 2018 and 2020, had Sanremo Coffee Machines and its Café Racer on stage for one of the most acclaimed world coffee competitions.

Investing in training

For some time, more specifically since the launch of Opera, we have considered training and an open dialogue between technicians and baristas key traits of our business. This was also true during the Berlin show, an event where we committed to putting our machines and decade-long experience at the disposal of competitors.

The victory of Dan Fellows for the Coffee in Good Spirits category was acclaimed by the English division of the Sanremo team, which joined the rest of the company to celebrate the podium of Agnieszka Rojewska, a long time friend of the brand. At her first appearance in this discipline, Agnieszka accomplished an astonishing result. Congratulations are in order also for Manuela Fensore, the Italian participant who won fair and square with her impeccable Latte Art.


This success was reverberated on all social channels during the show. Every moment of one of Europe’s leading coffee events was shared by countless users. The days’ events were reported with live posts, interviews, announcements (including the names of the final winners) and were followed LIVE on Facebook and Instagram by over forty thousand people, as a testimony of our community being among the most active and engaged in the industry.

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Sanremo Coffee Machines at Diemme

Sanremo Opera in the hands of Pierpaolo Meneguolo, Diemme trainer

There’s no better way than a chat with Pierpaolo Meneguolo to understand how Opera, one of our most popular machines, is regarded in an increasingly competitive environment.
The point of view of Pierpaolo Meneguolo, Educational Manager at Diemme. 

Being the meeting point between what baristas need and Sanremo’s expertise, OPERA is the sum of two worlds. As a trainer, being constantly in touch with baristas of varying expertise, can you appreciate this double nature?

“As far as the machine goes, its potential is huge. Baristas and trainers can appreciate the massive work behind Opera, but end users are captivated more by the unexpected look than the know-how that was put in it. 
If on the one side there are trainers and professionals who compete globally and understand the rationale behind every single feature of Sanremo Opera, on the other there are people who are simply captivated by its look. It’s twice as strong. 
It’s a machine that should find its rightful place in every bar, even though now its sister Café Racer is deservedly stealing the show after being named Official Machine at WLAC and WCIGS until 2020. 
Both machines have an iconic style; both catch the eye of people (professionals or otherwise), nevertheless one needs to know them well to make the most of their potential.”

Seeing your website and from some old interviews, it is quite clear that for you the “COFFEE FIRST” concept is fundamental. This concept also applies to the way Sanremo machines are created; indeed, it was our relationship with coffee roasters from all over the world that allowed us to design new functions or structural changes (CDS, multi-boiler system, extraction phase adjustment…). How do you use Opera differently depending on different coffee types and origins?

“Sanremo Opera is very easy to handle. There are dedicated groups for different coffee types and professional baristas can create different profiles. Indeed, every group allows to manage six different profiles. 
In the cup the result is simply phenomenal; it received great feedback from those who use it. It is also quite a treat in terms of ergonomics.” 

Being a versatile machine with a wide range of uses, how do you value its response depending on the degree of skill and competence of the operator?

“Beginners are usually thrown off but all it takes are a few hints and they get on track. It’s just about knowing the right angle. 
At first it can seem a bit hard to use, but only for beginners. And in any case after a little practice there is really nothing one cannot learn to do. The skills deployed to create Sanremo Opera make this machine the embodiment of style and function.”

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#wearesanremo: a hashtag with over 8K posts

On the wake of Host 2019 we celebrate yet another success. During the entire 5-day Milan event, our booth has not stopped for a second. 

Since opening day, the room where the brand new Sanremo BRAVE was displayed (three machines in different areas of the booth) has been ceaselessly visited by people captivated by the look of our new born. It is not all just look, though, but a new way of communicating with the barista, allowing them to adjust every singe parameter or to completely rely on the machine in auto mode. This is the first espresso machine that communicates with its user by showing all the parameters on a large screen.

The showcase of this machine was introduced by some words from S.W.A.T. (Sanremo World Academy Team) and our technicians, who explained how to use this machine to the visitors. To top it all off, we also held an international event, where the machine was launched live from Milan during a Sanremo-sponsored event taking place in Canada.

6 years after the revolution introduced by Opera in the coffee machine world, our new flagship model promises to go further beyond.

The centre of attention at the event was our Sanremo Garage, an initiative where Phillip Pulis, owner of Melbourne-based Absolute Espresso Services, created two, exclusive custom coffee machines, two one-of-a-kind pieces that caught the attention of experts and enthusiasts of all ages. The result was one of the most clicked pictures on social networks on those days and one of the most photographed machines of the entire show.

Guests continued to visit the booth to take a peek at the machines; caught by incredible ambience created by the team, identified on social network by the hashtag #wearesanremo, they ended up staying much longer than expected. Many stuck around at booth L50M39 to partake in the festive moments that went on relentlessly; with food and music we showed our will to be with our guests and celebrate long months of hard work on many new projects.

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The best of our selection at Sigep 2020

We are ready to go back into the spotlight at Sigep, the Rimini food show, with our booth 195, hall D3. For five days we will be available for our coffee lovers and enthusiast community from all over the world.

The coffee machines on display in our booth 195 during the event will be three:

  • Sanremo Opera, the coffee revolution, which still impresses for its outstanding performance years after its launch. 
  • Sanremo Café Racer, the custom queen and the official machine at the WCIGS (World Coffee In Good Spirits) and WLAC (World Latte Art Championship) finals;
  • Sanremo F18, with its growing popularity in Italy and abroad for its technical reliability.  

The machines on display will not be merely a look-but-don’t-touch showcase. Our visitors will be given the chance to reserve a test drive. 

In the company of Danilo Llopis, our R&D Manager, Giacomo Vannelli, a member of S.W.A.T. (Sanremo World Academy Team) and 3-time Italian Barista Champion and Pietro Vannelli, Italian Latte Art Champion, they will discover all the features of our spearhead models. You still have time to register and make the most of this experience by writing to 

Tell us about the different shades to your coffee with our machines at SIGEP 2020, booth 195, hall D3.