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Fostering learning and growth in the coffee community

3 February 2023

Fostering learning and growth in the coffee community.

At Sanremo Coffee Machines, our primary goal is to support and empower the coffee community. That’s why we were thrilled to host an Extraction Masterclass in Brisbane in partnership with the Coffee Commune. This event brought coffee enthusiasts and professionals together to learn, share and grow in their understanding of coffee extraction. 

The night was all about education and fostering open, honest conversations between attendees. Expertly led by coffee professional Timothy Sweet, who has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the coffee industry. The highlight of the night was seeing the high engagement and exchange of ideas between the crowd as we dialled in coffee on the Cafe Racer. Everyone was eager to learn from each other and share their own experiences and insights. 

Education and growth are at the heart of what we do at Sanremo, events like this Extraction Masterclass are a prime opportunity for us to share our expertise and connect with the coffee community. Thank you to everyone who came out and made the night such a memorable and educational experience. 

Check out some photos from the night to see the excitement and passion of the Brisbane coffee community in action. If you’re interested in learning more about coffee extraction, be sure to stay tuned for future events and educational opportunities from Sanremo. 

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Reconnecting with coffee lovers worldwide at #mice22

3 October 22

That's a wrap for MICE 2022!

Looking back on the Melbourne International Coffee Expo, what an incredible week spent with our industry reconnecting with coffee lovers worldwide. 

Australia was fortunate to host the World Barista and Brewers Cup Championships. A big congratulations to Anthony Douglas and Axil Coffee Roasters for representing Australia and placing first in the WBC. Spectacular performance and very well deserved! 

We want to express a huge thank you to all who visited our stand and came to say hello. Nothing beats face-to-face interactions with new and old friends. Also a special mention to all of our guest roasters and speakers on our stand throughout the week, we couldn’t have done it without you!

We were so excited to finally unveil the XONE, our new 3-in-1 grinder in Australia. We were fortunate to have several members of the team from Zurich University whose research heavily influenced the grinder to assisit with the launch with great success. 

Thank you for coming on this journey with us, what a ride! If you are interested in learning more about products you saw at MICE, get in touch or book a demo in our showroom. We look forward to seeing you again. 

Until next time! #wearesanremo

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See you at MICE 2022!

5 September 2022

See you at MICE 2022!

After a hiatus, the coffee world will be reunited stronger than ever at MICE 2022 in Melbourne, Australia. The largest dedicated coffee expo in the Southern Hemisphere will also play host to the World Barista Championship and World Brewers Cup Competition over the four-day event (27-30 September).

You heard it here first, the X-ONE will be making its official launch in Australia. The revolutionary grinder that will change your preconception of grinding coffee. Stop by to have a play and see the technology in action. You can also expect barista favourites from our machine fleet on our stand, including the Cafe Racer and F18. Along with the newest additions to our single-group range the YOU and CUBE.

Visit us at our Sanremo HUB to hear talks, presentations, and live demos from coffee professionals and learn about the latest advancements in coffee equipment. We are excited to share with you all the latest updates in the Sanremo world! With our values of technology and innovation consistently at the forefront of our activities, you will not want to miss what we will be showcasing.

Follow our socials to keep updated with further announcements over the coming weeks….

See you at MICE, Booth 460!

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Sanremo Spotlight: Au79 Chadstone

31 May 2022

Sanremo Spotlight: Au79 Chadstone

The most recent opening from the team at Au79 is located at Chadstone inside the largest shopping centre in Australia. This venue is more than just a cafe. It is a destination amongst the busyness where you can enjoy a luxury experience. With grand arches and marble countertops, this is a space for one that appreciates the finer things in life. 

Collaborating again with award-winning Mim Design (who designed their first project in Abbotsford), the ethos was to bring natural and raw elements of human culture together to create a sanctuary for visitors. It was important to the team for this venue to have similar elements to their Abbotsford post whilst taking influences from its surroundings in Chadstone and allowing it to be a spectacle of its own. 

They have elevated their vision and showcased this in the tranquil atmosphere of an imagined greenhouse conservatory. Using natural light and towering greenery from above, visitors are able to be transported in a highly versatile area that can be adapted for retail, lunch, cocktail, and fashion events.

Au79- "Good as Gold!"

Au79 has exceeded in elevating Melbourne’s coffee and cafe experience by continually blending elegance and sophistication. With Au79 Chadstone specifically, they have raised the bar for luxury dining in shopping centres.

Au79 Cafe Chadstone
1341 Dandenong Road, 
Chadstone, VIC 3148 

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Sanremo Spotlight: Supernova Coffee

13 April 2022

Sanremo Spotlight: Supernova Coffee

Before Supernova, Po-Chun Chen was mainly roasting coffee at boutique Melbourne roaster, Symmetry Coffee Roasters, and Patrick Zhang was working as a Barista in several cafes. In April 2018, they decided to embark on a new journey together. They wanted to create a place that would allow them to share their passion, love, and energy about specialty coffee. A place where they could brew coffee limitlessly.

Supernova was born from the Zoe Skylar quote: 

“For a star to be born, there is one thing that must happen: a gaseous nebula must collapse. So collapse, crumble. This is not your destruction, this is birth”

Located behind a bookstore, Supernova welcomes you with high ceilings, bright light, and an industrial interior. Inside you will be delighted by fusion cooking with a focus on combining modern Asian cuisine with classic Aussie staples. Along with different weekly offerings, batch brews, and micro-lot specialty filters for flavour chasers. 

The last few years have been difficult, however, the team is strong and thriving with passion. Serving consistent coffee with a friendly smile. Supernova embodies Melbourne’s true coffee culture with its strong and considered offerings.

Supernova Coffee
Unit 1/701 Glenferrie Road, 
Hawthorn, VIC 3122 

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Sanremo YOU, our new single-group multi-boiler machine.

4 November 2021

Sanremo YOU, our new single-group multi-boiler machine.

The YOU has arrived! Discover our first single-group multi-boiler coffee machine. This model was created to provide coffee lovers with what can be best described as a taste laboratory: compact dimensions, great performance, and an ability to exalt the aromas of any type of coffee. 

The features of this new machine are created to give the user the opportunity to fully control the extraction stage, both manually and electronically. YOU gives total control over your coffee, from setting the pre-infusion parameters to controlling pressure and the quantity delivered during post-infusion. 

Featured on the group is a paddle for manual pressure control during extraction, with a range of up to 1-12 bar. The YOU allows for 12 memory slots that can be modified directly on the machine, each extraction and its parameters can be saved as a custom recipe to be repeated flawlessly every time.

To ensure the best result for your cup, YOU has impeccable, electronically controlled thermal stability, making its performance consistently reliable and replicable. A multi-function touch-screen menu adds to the features of this exclusive Sanremo group, which is specifically designed to guarantee efficiency and great performance. 

A new dedicated App has been specifically created to facilitate connection and ease of use to allow full control of all the YOU parameters. The different versions available come with selectable water supply from the internal tank or mainline and with or without a paddle for manual extraction. 

We are proud to give baristas, coffee roasters, and experts a unique, efficient machine that also boasts our unmistakable style, more info to be released shortly. 

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ZHAW, SCA, and Sanremo together for the coffee professionals of tomorrow

The new “Postgraduate Certificate of Advanced Studies in Coffee Excellence” program, held online, officially started this month. This is the result of a collaboration between SCA, ZHAW (University of Applied Sciences of Zurich), and the contribution of Sanremo Coffee Machines.

We have always focused on the educational side of the coffee world as a driving force for the technological advancement of the entire sector. For this reason, we regularly hold workshops at fairs, events and in our four training centers, (New York, London, Milan, and Treviso).

Quality Training

Our collaboration with SCA and ZHAW resulted in a high-quality training programme. This is reflected in the possibilities that we can offer students, thanks to our different knowledge of the world of coffee in its entirety; raw materials and equipment.

The postgraduate-course consists of an in-depth study (compared to the current courses) which aims to exceed what is currently available on the market. This result can be achieved thanks to a strong academic approach, based on scientific criteria, combined with the current knowledge of the world of coffee. The final goal of this journey is for future professionals to learn all they need to know about this world, as well as understand the entire journey of the raw material, from the plantation to the cup.

We will contribute to this course with our know-how within our amazing team. In fact, several of our professionals will take part in the training course as speakers. 

Chahan Yeretzian during one of our workshops (Host 2019)

Our Mission

We are proud to be part of this new programme, we have a lot of confidence in this course of study in which players like the University of Zurich and the SCA are taking part. From the beginning of our business we have understood how important it is to always stay up to date and continue to specialise in order to perform our work to the best of our ability. We are proud to be part of this new project, which will surely launch the career of new talents and professionals in our sector. Through our S.W.A.T. (Sanremo World Academy Team) we already bring together some of the most important professionals in the world of coffee. We hope in the future to be able to add some of the professionals who are training today to this team, in order to continue our work of excellence and exclusivity that this constantly developing sector deserves.

Our growth has always been linked to the technological innovation, design and knowledge of the world in which we operate. This is why participating in this new adventure is so important, to continue to make the world of coffee as rich as possible.

Registration for the class starting on October 4th, 2021, is now open.
For more information please visit the website:

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SCA and Sanremo partners for the first Coffee Retail Summit

We are proud to support the Specialty Coffee Association for a brand new initiative. On 13 and 14 April the Coffee Retail Summit will be held: a two-day live speech event, all completely online, dedicated to those working in the world of coffee. This initiative, organised by SCA and supported by us as partner, is designed to explore the hot topics of the moment in the coffee sector.

The topics of the individual speeches range across the sector, giving participants an insight into the current market by listening to the experience of those working in this world every day. Participation is completely free thanks to the sponsors, like us, who have believed in and supported this project. Participants, whether retail operators or anyone who is interested, will be able to sign up and explore a wide range of topics, from creativity to investment.

We have been supporting the Specialty Coffee Association for years in many ways, both in world competitions (remember that the Café Racer is still the official machine for the world finals of Latte Art and Coffee in Good Spirits) and for initiatives such as the Coffee Retail Summit. This cross-support is provided to constantly reinvigorate the coffee retail world, one of the sectors most affected worldwide by COVID-19.

The event promises to be explosive, for more information and to attend the Coffee Retail Summit, please visit

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We are in Milan!

After New York and London, we opened in Milan, an international capital of style and design.

Our new operating centre is located in Via Morimondo 26 and is already open for business. This is a place that combines a showroom with a training centre and an area for meetings, all set in one of the most dynamic Italian cities.

This space, which perfectly reflects our Sanremo Lifestyle, will host coffee industry meetings and become a venue for training courses. Furthermore, it will be an official Sanremo showroom, so you can see, touch and discover our most successful models. In fact, the machines will be changed around in the stations to highlight different models at different times.

Sanremo Showroom

After the launch teaser (which you can view here), the first video project – created entirely in Milan – will be available shortly. In these videos, Giacomo Vannelli (three-time Italian barista champion) will interview Sergio Barbarisi, Managing Director of BWT Italy. This will be a three-part discussion about water. 

This is just the beginning, follow us on social media to stay updated!

For more information and meetings at the Milan Sanremo showroom, contact Emanuele Tronati at:

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CUBE: your style, everywhere

We present SANREMO CUBE, our new semi-professional one-group machine.
We have translated the complete customization philosophy of the Café Racer project into this new model putting the Sanremo Lifestyle truly within everyone’s reach.
In its simplicity CUBE allows replicating the beloved bar espresso or cappuccino with the perfect emulsion anywhere. Design and technology are combined in many different ways that make this machine ideal for home living, offices and shops, a hotel room… wherever you are.

The two souls of CUBE

CUBE_V and CUBE_R are the two versions available of our new machine. While maintaining the same attractive design, CUBE_R differs from the basic version in the presence of a positive displacement pump that allows direct connection to the water mains in addition to the possibility of using the integrated tank. This technology is also reflected in the user display which, in the R model, allows keeping several parameters under control, such as temperature, extraction times and more.

Both versions also share the Energy Saving System, which, thanks to the fully insulated AISI 316 stainless steel boiler and electronic systems that guarantee the possibility of putting the machine on standby when not in use, allows a considerable reduction in consumption. 

Eclectic and stylish

In addition to these two technological variants, we have designed three customizable versions to ensure that your CUBE fits into any environment, both professional and domestic. We have called them: A, B and Custom. 

These three different look styles make CUBE perfect for any space, thanks to no less than seven colours and countless combinations. In the B and Custom styles you can express your personality or brand in full Sanremo lifestyle. CUBE will become an extension of your style both when you offer an espresso to your guests and during a coffee break at work.

Compact and technological

Sanremo CUBE is a latest generation machine, technological and intuitive. The interaction through Web App is in fact simple and fast, and allows anyone, professionals or not, to view and interact simply with all the parameters of the machine: from the water temperature to the statistics up to the programming in time slots to suit the lifestyle of the user. Our app works from both smartphones and computers, and allows managing multiple machines simultaneously.  

The first test for our CUBE will be the stage of GulFood in Dubai from 21 February where the first model will be presented in absolute preview. 

Pre-orders for this new model are already open, CUBE: enjoy your coffee cubed!

For preorders and informations please write to: