A family story that we are proud to share. The hashtag #wearesanremo comes from “wanting to involve our entire community, suppliers and customers, along a path leading our machines from a sketch to coffee shops all over the world.”
Our identity radiates through every single product and caters to the unique taste of all coffee enthusiasts. We are a team of professionals working together to make machines for coffee lovers. This is Sanremo. 

Technological Excellence

Catering to new market needs while taking steps towards the future. This is the meaning of technological excellence for us. We never shy away from progress and pushing beyond our boundaries towards innovation. Simply put, this is part of our DNA.

Our passion knows no bounds. 
We want this to shine through every espresso machine across coffee shops all over the world. 

This experimental drive allows:


To create a skilled, experienced and bold R&D division.


The development of extraordinary technologies in our flagship machines.


The use of innovative materials, specifically designed to guarantee the best performance in every situation.


The creation of the most sophisticated control systems on the market, to allow Baristas to interact with their machine like never before.

About Sanremo

Located in Italy in Treviso, near Venice, Sanremo is an established, dynamic family-owned company that is driven by design and innovation, but retaining the integrity of its Artisan origins, still building each and every machine meticulously by hand.

Sanremo prides itself in setting high standards in the development and production of its coffee machines.
Sanremo’s machines are designed within the company by highly skilled professionals working as a close-knit team. The range of Sanremo’s machines extends from models designed for high-level performance with optimal production efficiency to models with fine contemporary designs.

All of our machines enhance the experience of making coffee with a perfect balance of taste, form, and functionality.

About Sanremo Australia

Sanremo Australia is driven by a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about quality coffee. We aim to ensure Sanremo Coffee Machines and the service we provide make a difference to your business’s success.

Sanremo Australia offers a wide range of commercial coffee machines to meet our customer requirements, from a single boiler to multi-boiler and from entry-level to top-end machines providing precise temperature stability and significant energy savings. Additionally, we offer a wide range of high-quality grinders and accessories to accompany Sanremo coffee machines.

Over the years, Sanremo Coffee Machines have been installed in a wide range of cafes, restaurants, hotels, and franchises across Australia. With the increasing consumer demand for good coffee, the Sanremo brand has become synonymous with providing customers with high-quality and consistency every time.