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Café Racer

Sometimes projects are born to reach a specific goal, other times to fulfil a dream, or yet again to pursue an ambition. This is the story of a coffee machine conceived in complete, unrestricted freedom. Without haste, boundaries or obligations, other than the drive to ensure perfect performance to all baristas in the world. It all started with a clear and spot-on vision: having the best of Sanremo technology in a light and sturdy chassis. Much like in a café racer motorbike.

Take a ride, explore its essence

Reliability and thermal stability.

Two reasons why Café Racer has been, since 2018, the official machine of the Latte Art and Coffee in Good Spirits competition finals. The technology in this espresso machine stands out as the answer we wanted to give to countless baristas who were demanding a high-performance, reliable machine with character.

Preinfusione a bassa pressione

energy saving

Insulation and smart energy management to save up to 40%
Pompa volumetrica


Uncompromising consistency in terms of final product in the cup thanks to parameter accuracy. A perfect result from the first to the last coffee
Vapore asciutto

dry steam

Minimal water leak during liquid heating-up (less than 8% humidity in milk) thanks to a powerful and steady steam flow

2 Group 

3 Group 32Amp

3 Group 40Amp



220 – 240 1N 50/60Hz or 380-415 3N 50/60Hz

required amperage



power input


steam boiler capacity



steam boiler element


pump power



pre-heating boiler capacity

lt (T)


pre-heating boiler element

kW (T)


cup-warmer power


group boiler capacity

lt (T)


group boiler element

kW (T)

net weight



"This is the story of a coffee machine conceived in absolute freedom. No hurry, no restraints, no obligations: except to guarantee impeccable performance to baristas, one coffee after another. Built for free spirits."

Carlo de Sordi

Sanremo Café Racer

Café Racer Range





white wood


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at the top of the podium

Official Machine
WCE Events 2018-2023

Café Racer is the official machine at the WCE competition finals: WLAC and WCIGS. The Café Racer is the machine the best baristas in the world turn to for the Latte Art and Coffee in Good Spirits disciplines. At the top of the podium with the best worldwide baristas.


Made for free spirits.

A cult for the best coffee shops all over the world, Café Racer wins the title of machine with the most faces in the coffee world. From America to Australia, through the main European cities, Café Racer has taken over the world.


Choosing the right espresso machine is an important decision that depends on a range of variables such as; the volume of coffee you will be making, the environment you will be using the machine in, power supply, budget, and aesthetic. 

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Taking its inspiration from the Cafe Racer motorbike, this machine breaks all barriers and preconceptions that put it in a league of its own compared to other espresso machines on the market. With advanced boiler technology and a straightforward user interface, the Cafe Racer allows you to program every group for pre-infusion, water volume, and temperature. Each group head can also be saved with four different profiles along with the continuous dispensing function. 
This machine is the answer we wanted to give Baristas who were demanding a high-performance machine with reliability, consistency, and character.

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Sanremo Café Racer

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