7 July 2021

Coffee Stories: Danes Specialty Coffee Roastery & Drive-in

Pictured: Paul Jackson, Managing Director of Danes Specialty Coffee

Located in Sydney’s northern beaches, Brookvale has always been an industrial pocket nestled amongst the beach-side suburbs. Back in the early 90s the location and buzzing energy of the area was reasons why it was chosen as the perfect place for Danes Specialty Coffee to lay down their roots.

After taking over Danbrew fresh coffee in 1994, the main challenge for the company was to move away from selling instant coffee and introduce freshly roasted coffee to the Australian market where this was still seen as a novelty and before the term “specialty coffee” even existed.

Being trailblazers in the coffee space, they gained their reputation through the launching of the Danes Specialty Coffee Institute and holding Grand Barista and Latte Art Championships.

Danes prides itself on its passion for flavour and consistency. Resulting in being awarded the 2018 and 2019 Champion Australian Roaster by the Australian International Coffee Awards (AICA). Continuing in 2020, being the most rewarded coffee roaster with 20 medals across all brewing categories at AICA.

"Education underpins Danes, it is part of the DNA here at Danes"

The Danes Drive-in emerged from their belief in the importance of enhancing the coffee experience and their innovative response to the year we had in 2020. The quirky coffee van with the F18 is now an icon in the industry. 

The relationship between Danes and Sanremo is a special one with a personal and significant history! We cannot thank Paul and the team at Danes Specialty Coffee enough for their support over the years.

Watch below our chat with Paul Jackson, the Managing Director of Danes to learn more about their story.