25 August 2021

We are in Milan!

After New York and London, we opened in Milan, an international capital of style and design.

Our new operating centre is located in Via Morimondo 26 and is already open for business. This is a place that combines a showroom with a training centre and an area for meetings, all set in one of the most dynamic Italian cities.

This space, which perfectly reflects our Sanremo Lifestyle, will host coffee industry meetings and become a venue for training courses. Furthermore, it will be an official Sanremo showroom, so you can see, touch and discover our most successful models. In fact, the machines will be changed around in the stations to highlight different models at different times.

Sanremo Showroom

After the launch teaser (which you can view here), the first video project – created entirely in Milan – will be available shortly. In these videos, Giacomo Vannelli (three-time Italian barista champion) will interview Sergio Barbarisi, Managing Director of BWT Italy. This will be a three-part discussion about water. 

This is just the beginning, follow us on social media to stay updated!

For more information and meetings at the Milan Sanremo showroom, contact Emanuele Tronati at: e.tronati@sanremoaustralia.wpcomstaging.com.

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