23 February 2022

Sanremo Journal #1: Brewing at Different Temperatures

Are you brewing coffee options to cater for everyone at your cafe?

For our first Sanremo Journal post, we want to open the discussion about brewing at different temperatures on your espresso machine. One of the greatest aspects of multi-boiler machines is the ability to adjust the temperature on each separate group head. As opposed to single and dual-boiler machines that have a single temperature setting.

A question we should be continually asking ourselves, is “how do we get the best out of our coffee?”

When you walk into a coffee shop and notice more than one grinder on the bench, this is a strong indication that they are serving different types of espresso. This could mean offering different flavours, coffees and roast styles that give the customer greater choice.

When you decide to work with more than one type of coffee, then you arrive at the experimentation stage where the temperature can be altered to best suit the style and type of coffee. As seen in the images below the left group head is set up for an espresso on the lighter/fruitier side. Whilst on the right, the second group head has been set up to elevate a darker roast.

Multi-boiler machines such as the F18, Cafe Racer and Opera provide greater flexibility by allowing you to brew coffee at different temperatures simultaneously. 

Check out the video below to learn more!