29 April 2022

Sanremo Journal #2: Optimising Efficiency for your Cafe

Over the last few years, with the impact of world events, the hospitality industry in Australia is being tested like never before. In a turbulent climate of low staff, low funds, and low morale, the importance of optimising efficiency for your cafe has never been greater. The main goal for a coffee shop is customer satisfaction and providing a valuable service. By aiming to provide high-quality products with great service, customers will have an enjoyable experience, and will most likely return. 

To improve this, we recommend reviewing your current operations and processes and seeking to understand the areas of weakness and opportunities for improvement. Many factors can have an impact on cafe efficiency and success; however, we will be focusing on the layout of your cafe, equipment, and training that we believe are crucial, from our industry experience working closely with Cafes and Roasters.


A critical aspect that cafe owners must be constantly mindful of getting right, is the layout of their space. Having a well-thought-out environment will allow equipment to be accurately placed for the ideal flow and circulation of staff and customers. This plan should be as straightforward and clear as possible. Must include considerations such as space between tables and the route of waiters carrying coffee and food.


It is the right time to evaluate your equipment and bench setup and ask yourself how it is contributing to your cafe’s performance. Inefficiency and disorganisation can lead to long wait times which can be a barrier to increasing sales and leaving a lasting good impression with customers. The goal is efficiency and speed without compromising on quality and consistency of output. The first tip we can advise is to focus on reducing human error. A good example to eliminate these is considering integrating your POS into your payment system. This will then speed up the payment process, reduce queues, reduce the chances of mistakes, and ultimately avoid negative interactions with customers. Your choice of machinery will also have a huge impact. A barista that can use their coffee machine efficiently, can handle high volumes whilst also focusing on customer service. The biggest tip here is to select an espresso machine that will enable staff to use it efficiently without sacrificing quality. The Cafe Racer is a multi-boiler machine that allows you to optimise flavour with the multiple group heads that save up to 4 different profiles each along with a continuous dispensing function. Consider also investing in adding to your bench set up with grinders a PuqPress or an Automatic Milk System that will help to ensure milk consistency and maximise efficiency in high volume situations. 


In a time where staff numbers are low and finding the right people is a challenge, ongoing training and boosting morale for workers is essential. Having good management to lead is crucial for this. It is important to develop and upskill your team to improve employee retention. This will in turn help the business run more smoothly and improve customer service. 

Have a question? Get in touch to discuss optimisation further for your cafe.