31 May 2022

Sanremo Spotlight: Au79 Chadstone

The most recent opening from the team at Au79 is located at Chadstone inside the largest shopping centre in Australia. This venue is more than just a cafe. It is a destination amongst the busyness where you can enjoy a luxury experience. With grand arches and marble countertops, this is a space for one that appreciates the finer things in life. 

Collaborating again with award-winning Mim Design (who designed their first project in Abbotsford), the ethos was to bring natural and raw elements of human culture together to create a sanctuary for visitors. It was important to the team for this venue to have similar elements to their Abbotsford post whilst taking influences from its surroundings in Chadstone and allowing it to be a spectacle of its own. 

They have elevated their vision and showcased this in the tranquil atmosphere of an imagined greenhouse conservatory. Using natural light and towering greenery from above, visitors are able to be transported in a highly versatile area that can be adapted for retail, lunch, cocktail, and fashion events.

Au79- "Good as Gold!"

Au79 has exceeded in elevating Melbourne’s coffee and cafe experience by continually blending elegance and sophistication. With Au79 Chadstone specifically, they have raised the bar for luxury dining in shopping centres.

Au79 Cafe Chadstone
1341 Dandenong Road, 
Chadstone, VIC 3148