25 August 2021

ZHAW, SCA, and Sanremo together for the coffee professionals of tomorrow

The new “Postgraduate Certificate of Advanced Studies in Coffee Excellence” program, held online, officially started this month. This is the result of a collaboration between SCA, ZHAW (University of Applied Sciences of Zurich), and the contribution of Sanremo Coffee Machines.

We have always focused on the educational side of the coffee world as a driving force for the technological advancement of the entire sector. For this reason, we regularly hold workshops at fairs, events and in our four training centers, (New York, London, Milan, and Treviso).

Quality Training

Our collaboration with SCA and ZHAW resulted in a high-quality training programme. This is reflected in the possibilities that we can offer students, thanks to our different knowledge of the world of coffee in its entirety; raw materials and equipment.

The postgraduate-course consists of an in-depth study (compared to the current courses) which aims to exceed what is currently available on the market. This result can be achieved thanks to a strong academic approach, based on scientific criteria, combined with the current knowledge of the world of coffee. The final goal of this journey is for future professionals to learn all they need to know about this world, as well as understand the entire journey of the raw material, from the plantation to the cup.

We will contribute to this course with our know-how within our amazing team. In fact, several of our professionals will take part in the training course as speakers. 

Chahan Yeretzian during one of our workshops (Host 2019)

Our Mission

We are proud to be part of this new programme, we have a lot of confidence in this course of study in which players like the University of Zurich and the SCA are taking part. From the beginning of our business we have understood how important it is to always stay up to date and continue to specialise in order to perform our work to the best of our ability. We are proud to be part of this new project, which will surely launch the career of new talents and professionals in our sector. Through our S.W.A.T. (Sanremo World Academy Team) we already bring together some of the most important professionals in the world of coffee. We hope in the future to be able to add some of the professionals who are training today to this team, in order to continue our work of excellence and exclusivity that this constantly developing sector deserves.

Our growth has always been linked to the technological innovation, design and knowledge of the world in which we operate. This is why participating in this new adventure is so important, to continue to make the world of coffee as rich as possible.

Registration for the class starting on October 4th, 2021, is now open.
For more information please visit the website: http://bit.ly/ZHAW-CAS

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